New Bamboo discovered in the United States.

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New Bamboo discovered in the United States.

Post autor: Sobal » 16 mar 2007 10:31

New Bamboo discovered in the United States.

...There are said to be about 1,400 species known of bamboo Globally.
Of this number, about 500 are Temperate & 900 are Tropical. The
North American Bamboos are found in the Southeastern, & Eastern
sections of the United States, from Texas and East to Florida and
Northward to New Jersey.

Botanists in the U.S. have found a new species of North American
Bamboo --- the third native species known of North American bamboo
discovered in Two-Hundred years.

This discovery was made by Iowa State University botany professor Lynn
Clark & graduate student Jim Triplett; along with University of North
Carolina's Alan Weakley.

The researchers said the new bamboo species; called "Hill Cane" ---
differs from the two other North American native bamboo species;
commonly known as "Switch Cane" and "River Cane" --- in an important
way. Its leaves fall and drop in the autumn season.

"All the other new species came from South and Central America," said
Clark. "It's so very exciting to find new species here in our own

This newly named species has been officially labeled "Arundinaria


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